Welcome to staycationscalifornia.   We love California.  Where else can you experience the ocean, desert, mountains, lakes, streams, water falls, rivers, etc. all in one state.
This site is about places, activities,and events to do or see in California for the day, weekend, or week.

We will experience all of the places and activities ourselves so you will get a first hand experience with all photos and videos taken by us at Staycations California or a guest photographer or blogger.

There is so much to do and see here and we have only scratched the surface. Here are just a few things we have done in the past 5 years, all in California:

Parasailing in Catalina
Paragliding at Torrey Pines
Riding in a Nascar going 200 miles a hour
Riding in a Bi-Plane
Hot Air balloon
Jet Pack in Newport
Taking a one day flying lesson
Sailing lessons and taking the boat out by ourselves
Swimming with the sharks in La Jolla
Riding a gondola in Coronado
Watching a play at the Civic while on stage during the performance
Paint ball wars on Camp Pendleton
Creating a Go-Cart for the Red Bull Races and performing a skit in front of 110,000 people
F-16 Flight Simulator
Great Urban Race where you race like the TV show Amazing Race but for one day
Riding on a high speed motor boat
Driving our own mini speed boat during a guided tour
White Water Rafting
Decorating a rubber boat and entering the Oceanside Christmas boat parade
Watching Wyland paint at his gallery
Building a boat in 3 hours and having to row it across the harbor
Particpating in a murder mystery tour at Old Town San Diego

If you are not the adventurous type, no problem. Enjoy a stroll on the many piers in California, take a ride on a romantic Gondola, or enjoy the quaint town of Cambria.  We have it all here at Staycations California.

There is no place we would rather live in the world, yes the world. It is all here. Big cities, little cities, World Famous Zoos, Entertainment Capital of the World, cold weather, warm weather, and so much more.
Experience it with us here at Staycations California.

email—debbie@customx.com       Debbie Colwell
Phone: 760-672-8154

The Staycations California Crew.
Jolan “JoJo” Schmidt
JoJo organizes all of the events and plans. She is a major Groupon hunter and finds the most interesting things to do. From mellow to exciting, JoJo will find it. Read more about her on the “Crazy JoJo” page.

JoJO for Staycations

Debbie Colwell
Debbie takes most of the photos and writes most of the stories.  Along with JoJo, she is always on the lookout for things to do. Read more about her on the “Debbie Favorites” page.

Debbie taking photo Jpeg Good One

Glenn Blust
Glenn participates in a lot of the adrenaline rush type activities and gives us another perspective of the activity. As an example, during the Jet Pack activity, he actually got about 6 feet out of the water to our 1/2 inch out of the water.


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  1. Over morning cyberspace coffee with Terri Webster Schrandt, I learned of your website. SHe invited me to visit. Glad I did. Looking forward to following.

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