JoJo’s World


JoJo is our resident  activity director who is responsible for finding events, places, and activities for us to do.   Some of the things she plans can be unusual or crazy.   She herself has sky dived, built a go cart at the Red Bull event, did an Amazing Race type event where you compete for the day just like the TV show, and much, much more.   Not all of our stories on the main page have photos of her doing the activity so check back here from time to time to see what she is up to.

She is the Lucy and we are all the Ethyl’s.  She has had us do skits at Halloween parties where we dressed up like Oompa Loompas and sang, Village People and danced,  performed a dance routine like Dancing with the Stars, or synchronized swimmers.    We have built boats on the beach, competed in a Panic Room,  played Kick Golf, flown airplanes, strapped a jet pack to our backs,  and played dog tag in a flight simulator.

We all forget we are fifty plus year olds but that’s o.k., she keeps us young.  Or will kill us all, one of the two.

We have a running joke to not look JoJo in the eye when she has one of her crazy ideas because she will hypnotize you into doing it. However, most of us have given in and have been victims…er…participants.   As the resident photographer and writer, it has been me more than others.

I may not always participate in the activity but I will be there next to them snapping shots. Except for skydiving, I happily stayed on the ground for that one.  However, I was up in a parasail, I had a jet pack on my back, and I was doing a skit in front of 110,000 people at the Red Bull event.  It can’t just be simply going to a musical at the Civic Center, no, she has to have us sitting on the stage while the dancers perform around us.

Crazy JoJo she is known to all of us.  We kid that we are victims or HAD to do one of her weird ideas, but in truth, our lives are richer for it.   When we are eighty five years old we can say,  ”Remember when JoJo had us do this or that?”   We will smile and laugh.

Keep an eye out to see what Crazy JoJo is up to next.  It won’t always be crazy. She has gotten us to do mellow things like horse drawn buggy trips around Escondido or Electriquettes around Balboa Park. Or it may be one of her bucket list items which can be really bizarre like wanting a pie thrown in her face, or volunteering as one of Santas Elves. You just never know what she will come up with next.

Check out some of our past activities in the archive sections and as mentioned keep an eye out for what we do next!

The newest from JoJo’s world. Dressed up as a Vampire Victim in a local haunted house production.

The Nail and Sail Event. Building a boat in three hours.

Ray Panning
Panning for gold

Lions 9 leopard
Feeding a leopard

Race-Them coming down the obstacle course
Competing in a shopping center race/event

JoJo jumping in.
Jet packing in Newport Harbor

Nascar-Going to car
Riding in a Nascar Auto

White Water rafting

Trying a flight simulator in Anaheim

Doing one of her so called bucket lists, she wanted to ride in a side car. So she put an ad in the paper to see if anyone is willing to give her a ride if they have one. There happened to be one in town!!

Bucket list, get a tattoo.


Making a Go Cart for the Red Bull event. This was a tester of the brakes on a  random neighborhood hill,  Keep the volume down, a lot of screaming from  Crazy J!!!

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