Part Three, Monterey, Sand City

Part Three, Monterey, Sand City

Our home port was Half Moon Bay for the four day holiday weekend but we choose to explore north of there on one day and south on another.

On the third day we head south to our hotel in Santa Maria but first a stop in Monterey and Sand City for some sea glass hunting. Our fourth day we would slowly make our way back home towards San Diego with one quick stop In Ventura, and a little shopping in Camarillo.

Monterey and Sand City
I have driven through Monterey at least five times in my life and twice in the past few years alone. It has always been mostly a drive-by to sightsee or a quick stroll along its wharf. On this occasion we planned on spending a little more time in town and we especially wanted to visit Cannery Row.

Old meets new at Cannery Row

Sand City
Our first stop though, would be nearby Sand City for some sea glassing and beachcombing. This small town overlooks the Monterey Bay and has some of the highest sand dunes along the central coast.

This view from the Monterey wharf shows the bluffs of Sand City in the distance

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