Lake Poway

Driving in the Poway area, we decided to stop by and check out Lake Poway.

What a cute little lake!

I hate to be so simplistic in my description but sometimes cute and little do the trick. I mean, it is big enough to boat around and from shore to shore it really isn’t that close. But it is small in comparison to other lakes in Southern California.

Lake Poway is a dam and reservoir in Poway, California, a town, a little of north of San Diego.

The dam is owned by the city and was constructed for the purpose of storing plus supplying water. The lake in turn was to provide recreational facilities to the community.

There is year-round fishing for trout, bass, sunfish, bluegill, and catfish. Besides fishing there are picnic areas and playgrounds.

Providing a 2.75 trail loop, I read somewhere that the lake has one of the best hiking areas and it also meets up with other trails.

There is a small dock that I assume is for fishing but, on the day we went, the dock and the area around it was filled with remote airplane fliers. The wind was but a slight breeze and the weather was perfect as the planes glided above with such precision. They told us that they meet one day during the week.

There was another larger dock that held numerous paddle boats as well as aluminum outboards. You can visit the lake any day but it is only open for fishing and boat rentals Wednesday through Sunday. State fishing licenses are not required: however, a Poway Lake permit is required. You can also fish from the shoreline.

No swimming is allowed since it is a reservoir, however, Fido can come on a leash.

It is a surprisingly scenic lake with trees glistening in the sun as if they are about to change color. They provide a beautiful back drop as white pelicans drift by along with other various birds.

Overall, it looks like a great place to spend the full day instead of the hour or so that we were there.

If the beach is too crowded and you are ever in the area, think about stopping by this quaint,,,er,,.cute little lake.

Story and photos: Debbie Colwell


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