A Small Year

This year I am now retired, and I challenged myself to a goal. I am going for a Small Year!

What is a small year? First you need to know what a Big Year is.

In the birding world(bird watchers) they have a competition that starts on January 1 to December 31st.

In this time they must spot as many bird species as they can and mark it off of the list. The US competition has a record of 726 species seen. Yes, they are on their honor, no photographs need to be taken.

They travel thousands of millions, spend thousands of dollars and have a connection on the web where people can report sightings.

In my case, I am going for the Small Year of only 30 species and all in California, even though our state has 450.

Also, I am going to photograph them.

Why, you ask of such a small amount? Because, when I started counting birds on my hand, that I knew that I could possible see, I ended with about 18. I had the pelican and the seagull by the shore, no brainer. A crow, a hawk, hummingbirds, check. Black bird, finch, check. Then the list started

Happy to say within a few weeks I had 19. Some, as identified later were unexpected. Some, the identification is enough to drive you crazy.

Join me while I document the 30 and join in if you have the time.

Here are my first 19.

Story:Debbie Colwell

Photos: Debbie Colwell


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