Red Bull Soapbox Race

Don’t forget the Red Bull Soapbox Race in Los Angeles 2017. Last time they were here was 2009.   This is a great event and will be held near Dodger Stadium in August.

We are participating in the event and you can check the  progress of what we are building at: “


Here is a snippet of the trial run of our soapbox, soon to be a yellow submarine!


staycationer JoJo is in teh back, plug your ears.


Oceanside Sunset Market

The Oceanside Sunset Market

Every Thursday night a couple of streets in Oceanside come alive between the hours of 5:00 pm-9:00pm for the Sunset Market.    In the summer months, alive means, really alive!!!   The market is  jam packed especially in the summer so come early to find parking spaces.  It is located right by the pier off of Mission Ave and Tremont Street.

The Thursday night market has been in existence for about ten years and has grown in each one of those years.   At the very beginning there were only a few food booths and various other booths with gift ideas, local crafts, flowers, produce, etc.

Nowadays, the sweet smell of food hits you before you even get out of your car because of the dozens of  vendors offering up their fresh fare nearby.    Besides BBQ, American, Mexican, Hawaiian, Thai, and Chinese cuisines,  there are other booths with foods from all over the world.   Regardless if you want to be adventuresome or eat your local favorite, there will be something for everybody.   Some people come to the market just to eat.

Food in abundance and many kinds and types

Sweet tooth anyone?    Row upon row of desserts of every type, shape, and form can be found along the route of the market.  It would take you many visits to try it all.

Just a few of the many desserts at the market

Besides food, there is entertainment, craft booths, specialty booths, clothes, jewelry, and other various merchandise.

At the end of Tremont Street you can sit back and enjoy the mellow sounds of the lone guitarist, Pua, or dance in the main center area to the beats of local bands.

A band plays at the main stage

There is also a kid’s zone with various activities, games, and horse rides.   On the corner, the ever present Casey twists and turns balloons to make the most elaborate figures for your kids or they can get  their face painted just across the way.

I had friends that owned a Crepe booth many years ago and I visited this market quite often to enjoy their amazing creations.   Once they stopped selling there, and it got so big, I stopped going.    It’s just too unbearable to find parking sometimes.

Yet somehow, we always find a spot and now go a little more often.   We brave the crowds to search for that magic dessert or yummy dinner.

On my last trip, I walked through the crowd, eyeballing all of the variety of foods and soon made my pick.  Slithering back to my favorite table at the end of the street, I have to admit that I picked out what I always get,  Huli Huli Hawaiian chicken.    Darn, sometimes I wish I was more adventuresome, but I like what I like.

While sitting back in my chair enjoying my meal on this extremely warm summer night, the guitarist switched to an ukulele to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.    The familiar strumming of the original version by IZ, was a perfect ending to the day as the orange and yellow hues of the setting sun were now visible in the sky.

The Oceanside Sunset Market is a great place to visit for the evening.  Bring your kids, bring your money, bring your dogs, and especially … bring your appetite.






Red Bull Soapbox Race

The Red Bull Soapbox Race is being held in Los Angeles this year on August 20, 2017.

It is a fun event that in 2009 had 110,000 spectators. It is something you have to see at least once in your life. Red Bull is not always in California so this is a special opportunity.

Part of our crew actually participated in the race back in 2009 dressed as female pirates and the soapbox was a decorated treasure chest.

So what are we doing in 2017? We are in it again!!! We are in the race once again. Track our progress here from concept to race day.

The team name is “5 Buds and a Sub.” Nothing is normal as 4 females will be the Beatles and the male in the group will be dressed as a crazed female fan, beard and all! Good thing he is secure in his masculinity as we are going to dress him up gooooood!

The skit hasn’t been determined yet but the soapbox will be a Yellow Submarine. Construction starts soon and we will track the progress for you here.

The concept we sent in to Red Bull and we were accepted.

See more about it at this link: