Del Mar Beach–Camp Pendleton

Camp P sunset with hut
Del Mar Beach—Camp Pendleton
If you have anyone you know that is in the military or is retired military, you can be their quest to visit Camp Pendleton. We include Camp Pendleton into our staycations blog because there are many events on Camp Pendleton that you can attend. Their annual mud run is a very popular event as well as paint ball wars, etc.
To gain entry into Camp Pendleton you go through their gates and state the reason for your visit. They scan your driver’s license and in some cases ask for your car registration, so make sure you have all of that available.
I have been on Camp Pendleton many times for different events, all as a guest. I have been to a chili cook off at Lake O’Neill, golfing, paint ball wars, and many times to the wonderful Del Mar Beach.
Del Mar Beach is very close to the Oceanside Harbor, just on the other side. Military families can rent small villas on the beach, trailers, or campsites for RV’s or tents. If any of your friends or families invites you out there, we highly recommend it. Or if you are military I recommend you looking into camping at Del Mar beach. Here is a link:
The Del Mar beach is a very popular place and a hub for activity. They have many events going on and they are building a new event center. The beach itself is massive and spans a wide area. There are volley ball nets, Cabanas, thatched umbrellas with Adirondack chairs to sit and watch the sunset.

Camp P--VolleybalCamp P CabanasCamp P Red tentsCamp P Chairs
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Ocean Beach

Staycationscalifornia loves piers. I think that is evident on our many features on piers. Where else can you walk on the water and view the land from the ocean. A place you can kick back, people watch, fish, stroll, or take just photos.
Our newest quest was the Ocean Beach pier in Ocean Beach California. Located about 7 miles northwest of downtown San Diego, The town of Ocean Beach is not only known for its pier but also its wide span of beach that is perfect for surfing, sun bathing, swimming or other beach type activities.
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Laguna Beach

One of staycationscalifornia’s favorite places is Laguna Beach.
Laguna sits between Newport Beach and Dana Point in Orange County , California. This small community with a population of about 25,000 as of 2010 features pristine beaches and coves.

Laguna Street signBoard walk low
In fact I think it is the closest thing to Hawaii we have on the California Coast. Check out the photo with palm trees and blue Pacific.

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Petco Park San Diego

Petco parkIf you are down in San Diego during Padre season, you have to go to a game at Petco park.
Petco Park opened in 2004 and is nestled in downtown San Diego close to the convention center. This open-air ballpark has an old time feel to it and is a must see when visiting San Diego.
Home of the Padres, the park was named after the pet supply retailer Petco. I know, did I state the obvious?
The ballpark is located between 7th and 10th avenues, South of J Street. The southern side of the stadium has the trolley access. Near K Street between 7th and 10th is now closed to automobiles and serves as a pedestrian promenade along the back of the left and center field outfield seating.
Going to the ballpark is always a great staycation activity. Nothing like the feel of being there with the hot dogs and pop corn and just the excitement in the air. Visit the ballpark souvenir store and walk around and investigate a little. There is always something going on. The cheers and singing ‘take me out to the ball game’ after the 7th inning. Hearing people yell at players as if they could hear them and will do exactly what the fan says. “ You stink” is my favorite. Second favorite is “Catch the ball” as if they deliberately missed it. All in fun though, and always a fun excursion.
Opening season for the Padres starts March 20th against their rivals the Dodgers. Always a fun game.
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