Photos of the week, Newport and Oceanside Harbor.

Harbor 2  With Logo
California is home to many beautiful harbors and on any given day you can take a staycation to stroll, people watch, fish, or just watch the sunset. The smaller and quaint Oceanside harbor seen here at sunset has a designated area with restaurants and shops. The larger Newport harbor has the same but spread out over a larger area. Be sure and visit the fun zone and the Pavilion if going to Newport.
Seen here the many beautiful homes that adorn the Newport bay.

Newport Houses

Renaissance Pleasure Fair

Fairi-People with flags walking
Guest Blogger and photographer this week is JoJo Schmidt.
She attended the Renaissance Pleasure Fair on May 10th. The event goes on through May 18th.
Check it out at
This is a huge event in California that happens every year in Irwindale. You have one more weekend.
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Sneak Peek into a bodyboard and surf leash manufacturing factory


Bodyboarding is the generic term for boogie boarding which is one of the most popular activities in California as well as other coasts. Even though the bulk of bodyboarding is done in the summer, the enthusiasts surf all year round.
This now worldwide sport has its roots in Carlsbad, California where Tom Morey started his first production line in and around 1976.

A few of the original employees also started companies and operate them today. One such company is Custom X in Oceanside, California.

They allowed us to come in and do a quick edit of their factory. This is just a teaser and we will come back later and show you some techniques of the crew actually working on the boards. You will be amazed on how much handcrafting there is.

Next door to Custom X is another Southern California company called Bullys Surf. Bullys which is owned by the same company, makes surf, SUP, kayak, bodyboard, etc. leashes. All handmade in the good ole USA.

The surf culture is very prominent in Southern California. You can find bodyboards for sell everywhere. Above is a photo of what the professionals can do but you can get out there and try it yourself(on smaller waves of course)

Bodyboarding is a true California activity that was born and bred here. Give it a try.

Fishing California Style

Fishing girl with logo

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy, the fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high.”

Lyrics from and old iconic song can sure describe California in the summer. Although you don’t think of California in the “cotton is high” part of the song , cotton fields do exist in California. However, we are talking fishing!!
With the Pacific Ocean flanking our west coast and the multitudes of lakes, rivers, streams, lagoons, fishing in California is a popular pastime all year round.
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California sunsets

Some people say don’t you wish you lived in Hawaii so you can take some great sunsets. I say, we have some good ones here too.
What staycations california is all about, enjoying our own backyard. Sunsets are worth the drive if you don’t live right on the coast. Kick back and enjoy.

Lifeguard tower sunsset With logoLifeguard tower and people W logo