Oceanside, California

Oceanside, California is a coastal city located on the California Coast between San Diego and Orange County. It is the third-largest city in San Diego County, California with a population of 183,095 as of the 2010 census.

The Oceanside harbor features shops, restaurants, boat rentals, boat excursions, as well as a large boat ramp.  Helgrens offers sport fishing and whale watching at http://www.helgrensportfishing.com. Eat at Crabby Joes or one of the many other great restaurants surrounding the harbor.

Oceanside is great place to surf and  probably why they have tons of surfing competitions held at the pier or the harbor each year.

Oceanside has one of the longest piers in California at 1,954′ long.  Where besides a boat can you feel like you are out at sea!

Hungry? No problem, Rubys Diner sits at the end of the pier with a great section of burgers, and various other sandwiches.  I highly recommend the Super Burger.

Fishing is a popular activity and you can  rent a pole at the little store situated smack in the middle of the pier. You don’t need a fishing license to fish from the pier.

Towards the street at the Plaza Amphitheater you can listen to great concerts with top notch performers or watch a summer movie or two.  There are also tons of other events held at this outdoor arena.

The beautiful Wyndham Resort overlooks the pier and beach and is a great place to stay. I have first hand knowledge of this as it is one of my favorite hotels. Sitting at the pool alone and looking at the Pacific Ocean is reason enough to stay there.  However, there are plenty of great hotels, rentals, and condos in Oceanside.  http://www.wyndhamoceansidepier.com/

Enjoy a few shots of the home of Staycations California, Oceanside.

Oceanside HArbor 7Oceanisde Harbor 9

Oceanside Harbor 6 Oceanside Harbor 2

Oceanside Pier.Oceanside Pier 2Oceanside Harbor VillageO New 5O New 2O New 3O New 4Oceanside Harbor WPO New 7Oceanside Harbor 8


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