Piers Part 2. Oceanside Pier 2014

Oceanside Pier
One of the longest piers in California, Oceanside Pier spams 1,954 feet.  It is located at the end of Pier Way Street in Oceanside, California.  This wooden pier was built in 1888 but suffered damage from a storm in 1890.

Rebuilt in 1893 it still stands strong in the Pacific and is host to hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.  I think 100,000 of them were on the pier on January 1st, 2014 when the pier treated us to a great sunset.

Sunset 2014
It was decorated nicely for the holidays 2013. Two first stars for the night.

Sunset 2014 Star
Just as crowded as any summer day, January 1st,  brought out the bubble maker who is there on the weekends to shape and form huge bubbles that seem like the size of a whale.

Sunset 2014 balloons
Looking down on the sand a local artist created a beautiful sand drawing.

Sunset 2014 Sand
The newly named Junior Seau Pier Amphitheatre sits at the base of the pier, and was renamed posthumously in 2012 in honor of hometown football hero Junior Seau. The cement amphitheater hosts numerous events and concerts.

You can fish on the pier without a license and there is a snack shop for bait, yummies, or fishing pole rentals.  If you just like watching, there are usually plenty of fisherman on the pier… or fisherwoman that are bringing in every size catch.

A lot of times we just like to watch the surfers from a different view point at this popular surfing spot or go to dinner at Rubys Diner at the end of the pier.

Sunset Rubys
Having been rebuilt or refurbished, the pier is on its sixth incarnation.  When you are at the end you can view the coastline miles on each side.

Sunset 2014 Shoreline
So if you have a day off with nothing to do, come to Oceanside and take a short walk on a long pier.


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  1. So many people couldn’t even venture out of their houses the last few days. Here we are walking the pier in shirt sleeves. The polar bear plunge took place and couldbe watched from the pier. Many took to the water in trunks or bathing suits to bring in the new year.

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