Nascar Ridealong

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Recently we came across the ‘Nascar Adventure” .    See link:

You get to ride in an actual NASCAR auto and drive with an experienced driver around the track at high speeds.

The Auto Club Speedway is a two mile low-banked, Oval shaped super speedway in Fontana California and hosts NASCAR annually.

Nascar-View of bleachers
There are other cars on the track but they add to the excitement and realism of the adventure. You can get another package that lets you drive the cars yourself. However, I felt with an experienced driver that we would go faster and that we did.

Part of the experience is getting dressed up in a racing suit and helmet. However the helmet is mandatory, the suit is not.

Nascar-Picking out helmut

They tell you ahead of time that you have to be able to climb in the window of the car because there are no doors. You can’t just open the door sit down and enjoy the ride, you have to get in like the driver does, through the window! I was a little apprehensive about this at first but I got in quite easily and out pretty quickly too.

Nascar-Going to car
When you exit the pit stop you feel the power of the car as it gains speed and moves on to the track.

Nascar-Getting ready to leave
When you reach the bank on the track, your body is pushed up against the window making you feel the G force from the amount of speed you are traveling.
My driver moved around cars as if he was in a real race, passing the slower cars that were probably the solo inexperienced drivers. Sorry the photos are not that great, the window was not clear.

Nascar-View from window (2)Nascar-View from windwo
As I came around by the bleachers it hit me that I was in stock car going around a real Nascar track at high speeds, I kind of let out a whoop and it just made my driver go faster.   I could have sworn I saw the speedometer say 200 but I couldn’t be sure.  I know on the last curve I felt the G’s. 

Nascar-View from Windo

Check out this activity for yourself or for a gift for someone who loves Nascar or loves this type of high speed adventure!



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