California sunsets

Some people say don’t you wish you lived in Hawaii so you can take some great sunsets. I say, we have some good ones here too.
What staycations california is all about, enjoying our own backyard. Sunsets are worth the drive if you don’t live right on the coast. Kick back and enjoy.

Lifeguard tower sunsset With logoLifeguard tower and people W logo





One thing we wanted to do on Staycactions California is to find things that are unique to do and do them ourselves and report back, or just let you know about them. There are the normal things like concerts, sports events, etc. that you can easily find information about and we will do those too. However, we look to do and find things out of the norm and let you know about them.
We found something that you can do at any time. You can do it on your way home, you can do one after work, on the weekends, or set out for the day to do this. If you are bored and want to get outside but have no idea what to do, this can be great because there are hundreds of thousands around California alone.  The marks on this map show you where they are.

Geo 2 (1)

It is called Geocaching.

From their website at:
Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.
The only necessities are a GPS device or a GPS-enabled mobile phone so that you can navigate to the cache.
Geocaches can be found all over the world. It is common for geocachers to hide caches in locations that are important to them, reflecting a special interest or skill of the cache owner. These locations can be quite diverse. They may be at your local park, at the end of a long hike, underwater or on the side of a city street
Members of the geocaching community hide and maintain all of the geocaches listed on You can hide one too!

During our Saturday lunch were talking about it and decided to go look for a few afterwards. While driving home we saw on the Geocache map that there were at least 30-50 on our route alone and in fact In Oceanside, California there are thousands. We didn’t go too much out of our way to find the places either.
The first one took us a little while to find the general location which was at a park. We followed the clues and found it pretty easily. The clue said it was by a guard rail and a yellow sign and nearby was a tree stump in the rail. Once we found the location, it didn’t take long to find the canister. Inside the canister was a piece of paper and a Halls cough drop. You can take things out of it and put things back, so someone had a cough drop and put it in there. On the paper, we signed our name and then logged on to our internet map and typed in that we found it. You then get a smiley face on that location.

Geo 2 (2)

We decided that was fun, so on to the next one. I guess the idea is to find places kind out of the way from the public so no one sees it and removes it. So our second location was behind a small shopping center. Our GPS took us to a utility box and we looked around and could not find it. On the web site you can view comments from other people who have been there and although they never give it away you can gather information from what they said. As an example one lady said she hit her head on a box while looking for it because a dog barked in a back yard. One guy said it was super small, another said there were spider webs all around it.
So that can help you if it is a tough one. We didn’t find this one but as rookies we may get better as it goes along because we weren’t sure what to look for. Also on the web site they will tell you if a cache has been removed or is no longer there.

On our third site, a lady came out of her house nearby and told us it had been removed and a few others were there earlier. So we could report that it is no longer there to save people the time and effort.

So why do this, what is the point? There is no money reward, no trophy, nothing. I thought of this too but then I thought about video games like Fly Over on Wii. The object was to find icons and collect them all and at the end you got…pretty much nothing, just the satisfaction of completing the task. Or Candy Crush, there is no prize, yet we do it anyway because it is the challenge. Or any other game we play, we do it for the journey, for the challenge and for the fun of it.
At least Geocaching gets you outside, and you actually get some exercise trying to find some of them. As an example, there is a trail along a river bed in Oceanside and we saw at least 20 cache spots along the trail in our area alone. Plus you get to solve clues on some of them.

Give it a try and again, check this web site for more information:

A Day at The Bay


Sometimes Stacycations just means taking a short drive and just relaxing, people watching, picnic, whatever. On this day we headed out to do some fishing in San Diego.  We found a fishing dock on the bay and sat back and waited for the thousands of fish to hit our bait. Thousands were more like 5, but at least on the San Diego bay you have plenty to watch as you patiently wait for the next nibble or strike.

Dock middleDock--Dock left side

A few of our staycation buddies don’t fish so this was the perfect place to sit back, hang, and enjoy the view. We packed a lunch and munchies and just chilled out. Unfortunately chilled out has more than one meaning as it was very cold out on this April day in California.

The cold ocean breeze hit us like a brick  it didn’t help that the sun was trapped behind gray skies. The sun  finally showed her face around 3:00 pm and the thawing out process began. I also think that we don’t know how to dress in California. We always think it is going to be warm but in this case a t-shirt and shorts weren’t cutting it.

Planes, trains, and automobiles.
Well actually make that planes, boats, and ships. Every type of boat or ship made its way past us during our 5 hour stay.   There were sailboats of every size, kite surfing, tourist boats, speed boats, navy boats, and giant ships.  A huge airplane got our attention as it was flying very low on its way to the nearby naval base.

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Del Mar Beach–Camp Pendleton

Camp P sunset with hut
Del Mar Beach—Camp Pendleton
If you have anyone you know that is in the military or is retired military, you can be their quest to visit Camp Pendleton. We include Camp Pendleton into our staycations blog because there are many events on Camp Pendleton that you can attend. Their annual mud run is a very popular event as well as paint ball wars, etc.
To gain entry into Camp Pendleton you go through their gates and state the reason for your visit. They scan your driver’s license and in some cases ask for your car registration, so make sure you have all of that available.
I have been on Camp Pendleton many times for different events, all as a guest. I have been to a chili cook off at Lake O’Neill, golfing, paint ball wars, and many times to the wonderful Del Mar Beach.
Del Mar Beach is very close to the Oceanside Harbor, just on the other side. Military families can rent small villas on the beach, trailers, or campsites for RV’s or tents. If any of your friends or families invites you out there, we highly recommend it. Or if you are military I recommend you looking into camping at Del Mar beach. Here is a link:
The Del Mar beach is a very popular place and a hub for activity. They have many events going on and they are building a new event center. The beach itself is massive and spans a wide area. There are volley ball nets, Cabanas, thatched umbrellas with Adirondack chairs to sit and watch the sunset.

Camp P--VolleybalCamp P CabanasCamp P Red tentsCamp P Chairs
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