A Day at The Bay


Sometimes Stacycations just means taking a short drive and just relaxing, people watching, picnic, whatever. On this day we headed out to do some fishing in San Diego. Found a fishing dock on the bay and sat back and waited for the thousands of fish to hit our bait. Thousands were more like 5, but at least on the San Diego bay you have plenty to watch as you patiently wait for the next nibble or strike.

Dock middleDock--Dock left side

A few of our staycation buddies don’t fish so this was the perfect place to sit back, hang, and enjoy the view. We packed a lunch and munchies and just chilled out. Unfortunately chilled out has more than one meaning as it was very cold out on this April day in California. The cold ocean breeze hit us from Coronado and it didn’t help that the sun was trapped behind gray skies. She finally showed her face around 3:00 pm and the thawing out process began. I also think that we don’t know how to dress in California. We always think it is going to be warm and in this case a t-shirt and shorts weren’t cutting it.

Planes, trains, and automobiles.
Well actually make that planes, boats, and ships. Every type of boat or ship made its way past us during our 5 hour stay. Sailboats of every size, Kite surfing, tourist boats, speed boats, navy boats, giant ships, and one huge plane coming in for a landing at the Navy base close by.


Dock-SailboatDock-Dole BoatDock HornblowerDock-Plane
If you love your wildlife, we saw plenty of pelicans with one hanging out nearby to hopefully get a treat. Plus Seals, seagulls, pigeons, and of course fish.

Where we fish you can see Coronado across the bay and hear the gentle sounds of music coming from its restaurant and shopping area. If you feel like crossing over to there, a ferry leaves every few minutes for the 5 minute trip across the bay.


Seaport Village, The Convention Center, and Petco park are  nearby and the Coronado Bridge is a few miles away.

Dock--Large sailboat

Dock-PAdre stadium

As mentioned there is plenty to look at and it is never boring. Enjoy the day like these kids.

Dock-Kids fishing

Since San Diego Bay is very large, there are plenty of areas to hang out, this was one of many. Don’t forget your daily sunset.

Staycations California recommends a day trip to San Diego Bay. If you want to know where we were, I will give you a hint: It is behind where Comic Com calls its home.


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