Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens

Myrtle Barn

Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens

Ever have nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon but feel like having lunch outdoors somewhere quiet and mellow?  Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens is your place.

More than a Garden Shop
Located in Fallbrook, at first glance it looks like any garden shop with trees, shrubs, and flowers for sale.  However, as you move deeper into the grounds you soon discover hidden butterfly gardens, wild bird sanctuaries,  waterfalls, a large barn, and lots of old tractors and machinery to give you a feel of going back in time.

Myrtle Butterfly garden
Myrtle Tractor
In the middle of it all is a gift shop with tons of unique and eclectic items and decorations.  Nearby, Café Bloom gives you that relaxation you were looking for with its view of the lily pond and the historical barn in the distance.

Although there are only a few things on the menu, you can count on getting only fresh and organic food, drinks, and desserts.  We tried their signature Myrtle Berry pie and it was great.   You can grab your food and eat at the café or take it out and park yourself at one of the many seating areas on the grounds.

In some areas, misting machines spray cool water on you while you stroll through various arches and paths shaded by wonderful oak trees.  Ambient music gently plays from hidden speakers while a huge wind chime adds to the Zen-like setting with its deep resounding ring.

Myrtle Gift Shop
Myrtle Front of Cafe
Myrtle Inside Gift shop
Myrtle Cafe wheel

Birds and Goats
In the bird sanctuary, the trees bring shade and quiet while beautiful gold finches feed at the many bird feeders scattered about.  The Hummingbirds soon make their appearance searching for their share of the afternoon meal.

At the barn, the local goats squander out of the shade at the sight of you walking their way.   They allow you to feed the goats and that was evident as they were eyeballing me wondering what treat I had.   Sadly, I didn’t know you could feed them so I came with nothing.  Don’t worry though, the size of the goat told me he wasn’t going hungry any time soon.

Myrtle Goats

Quiet and Peaceful
Ponds and waterfalls fill the area as well as plants, flowers, and trees.   You will also notice that some of the foliage is part of the landscape, and some is actually for sale.  With the soft music, water sounds, wind chimes, and the shade of the trees, walking around the gardens gives you a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

Myrtle Misters in trees
Myrtle Waterfall
They have live music on Saturdays and Sundays and many events throughout the year. Mothers Day is coming up and they have a Craft Fair on May 9 and 10, 10AM to 5 PM.  The Fair will feature live demonstrations, gourmet food tastings, hands-on workshops, live entertainment, and more.

Myrtle Bird house
So if you are ever in the mood for that peaceful afternoon, get out and visit the Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens in Fallbrook.   Let the afternoon take your stress away and what is even better, it’s free!!!!

Myrtle Sign in gift shop


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