The San Diego County Fair

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If you haven’t gone to the SD fair yet, you only have few more days. The fair held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds is closed after July 5th. Not to worry though, there are plenty of other county fairs going on in 2015. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to get a list of the many fairs in California.

There is Nothing like a Fair:
Someone told me that whenever they go to the fair it gives them a feeling of pure joy and delight and that it always brings a smile to their face. I am talking about an adult, not a kid.

I am always leery about going to the fair because I think of all of the people. My thoughts are of traffic jams and lack of parking.
So, I was pleasantly surprised driving onto the off ramp to be greeted by an abundance of traffic attendants. All were tending to the traffic expertly and helping us to find our designated lot. We had passes for the Diamond Club parking area and were shown the way by the orange vested attendant. Don’t let the diamond part of the name fool you because we were as far away from the entrance as you can get. It should have been called the Cubic Zirconia Club. Not to worry though as we only walked a short distance to the tram stop. Some events like this you can wait quite a long time for the next transport to arrive but they had them coming in right after each other which moved us along very quickly.

I took note as the tram drivers and employees were friendly, smiling, and wishing everyone a great time. Either they are naturally happy people or the organizers of the event instilled in them to make sure everyone was greeted happily and cheerfully. Whatever it was, good job to the employees of the fair.

There is Only One Goal at the Fair…to Have Fun:
Fun could mean eating all of the wonderful types of food. Fun could mean experiencing all of the exciting rides. It could mean strolling through the photo exhibit, the new product hall, the flower garden, or trying to win a stuffed animal in the game section. Also, check out the vendors on the main street at the entrance of the fair.

Crystal vendor

“You cannot be unhappy at the fair,” one friend told me. It brings back childhood, it means romance; it is a frenetic place with vibrant colors, lights, screams, and laughter.

For daredevils there are plenty of scary rides to get your heart pumping including the bungee jump where everyone stands around yelling, “Jump, jump ,jump!” to every person who steps up on the platform. I think the people who yell the loudest are the ones who wouldn’t be caught dead up there. That would be me.

Bungee Jumper

Fairs Transcend Time:
There are sections and sections of rides from old school to new. What appealed to people long ago, still appeals to them today. I am talking about fun houses, games, cotton candy, Ferris wheels, and carousels. Just as if we traveled back in time, the fair still features all of those plus cooking, baking, pie eating, and dancing contests, as well as the Battle of the Bands. There is livestock, vegetable, crafts, and hobby events.

Ferris Wheel WP

The fair has it all and there is something for everyone. Get a pass for the full duration of the fair so you can take your time and visit all of the exhibits.

Eat something different each night. The fair has introduced us to the likes of chocolate covered pickles and fried Twinkies. For you dieters they now have deep fried Slim Fast bars. Everyone always talks about what they are going to eat when they go. They remember the wonderful taste of it from the year before or the year before that. My group couldn’t wait to eat the giant turkey leg and weren’t disappointed as they chomped on it primitive style with no utensils as if they were back in the Vikings days. It was just pure culinary joyfulness.

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The fair also brings out a variety of musical acts which include some big names. There are various stages scattered about and on any given night you can hear the sounds of country, rock ‘n’ roll, the blues, and much more.

Three Dog Night was playing in the paddock area the night we went and standing to watch was free to all. The seating area required a paid ticket. The larger concerts held in the grandstands can require a paid ticket so check the concert schedule on the fair web site to be sure.

Three Dog Night for WP

Leaving the Fair:
As it got later and the colorful lights of the fair now lit up the dark sky, it was time to leave.
Now it was time for the dreaded wait in line for the tram to come to take us back to our lot. I knew the line might be long as a lot of people were leaving at this time of night. We soon discovered that the line wasn’t bad and the trams were coming in one after another to make it a quick jaunt over to our Cubic Z section.

Fair at night

I was impressed! There were plenty of trams, plenty of helpers, and we made it out to our far-away lot in a short period. Props to the organizers!!! They donated plenty of transports, employees, etc. to make the night a memorable one.

With this great experience I might go again next year, I might also go again this season! It is no wonder the attendance at the fair in San Diego reaches over a million each year.

As mentioned, San Diego Fair is coming to a close for 2015. Here is the link for other fairs in California and the link for the SD Fair.


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