Stay tuned, we are participating in a live escape game this weekend.  It just opened in San Diego.

From Their Website:

Room escape is a game emerged from the well-known 90’s point-and-click adventure PC games, where searching, puzzle solving and excitement remain, but what makes it the ultimate experience is that you are physically participating in the story.

The goal is to find and use objects that help players through a range of logic and skill tasks, thereby progressively guiding them to the final puzzle, which ultimately gives them the key to escape. You are locked in a thematic environment for an hour, where your primal survival and problem solving instincts are fully utilized. You need to work in teams and use all your senses: keep your eyes on every detail in the environment searching for hints that will allow you to accomplish the mission and escape from the room!

We will have the 911 on it next week. Wish us luck!!!!


2 Replies to “PANIQ ROOM”

  1. I can picture you calmly analyzing the situation I picture Chickie running around tearing everything up looking for clues. Who else you got on the team. Sounds like it’s going to be fun

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