The Golden Hour in California.

The Golden Hour
Sometimes you don’t need to write a long blog when a picture can say a thousand words.    One of the golden hours in photography is right before sunset where the sun is low in the sky, producing a soft, diffused light. California at this time can be beautiful and captivating. In my opinion, sunsets in California can rival any around the world.

Harbor boats Facebook

30 miles or so north of San Diego, we strolled around the beach and harbor of Oceanside to give you that California feel. Here are a few things we found along the way:

Oceanside Harbor

Harbor Facebook
The quaint village features shops, restaurants, boat rentals, etc.


Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise Facebook
Bird of Paradise are not reserved just for tropical areas.  They do quite well in California.

Oceanside Garage View

Tunnel Facebook
Along the narrow street called “The Strand” in Oceanside, homes are built right up to the ocean. Often you are pulling out of your garage with a view like this. It is no wonder anyone in that area goes to work at all.

Hanging out

Toes Facebook
Nothing like viewing the cool Pacific Ocean from a lifeguard tower. Even though you are not supposed to sit on them when they are closed, people do anyway. This person was having the time of their life, with their feet constantly moving. I was lucky to get the shot.

Rock Stacking

Rock Facebook
Rock stacking is becoming popular but only a few can really master it. To stack really high, you have to have the feel.  Even though this was only 3 high, where it was placed was difficult with the waves crashing below.

The Seals of the Harbor

Seals Facebook
A recently erected dock has now become home to the many seals in Oceanside Harbor.

Looking East

Sometimes the sunset isn’t the star of the show. Five minutes after the last ray of sunshine dips below the horizon, the eastern sky can be illuminated
with beautiful pastels.

Sky Facebook


Proud to live in the U.S. and California

Flags Facebook
At the base of the pier, the three flags proudly wave.


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