Lone lighthouse 900 G
Things to do in 2016:

1.Visit a lighthouse.

There are over 30 lighthouses in California that were built as navigational beacons for sailors.
These beautiful structures help boats and ships navigate around dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals, reefs, and they provide safe entries to harbors, There are some that will allow visitors during the year.

Some lighthouses are only show pieces. They serve only to add ambiance to an area, restaurant, harbor, etc.

Regardless of the purpose, lighthouses are beautiful and are usually surrounded by scenic ocean views.

If you choose to visit one, here is a list of lighthouses in California and below are some photos we have taken of lighthouses in the Southern California area.

Alcatraz Island                                                  Anacapa Island                                         Ano Nuevo
Ballast Point                                                      Battery Point (Crescent City)                Cape Mendocino
Carquinez Strait                                                East Brother                                             Farallon Island
Fort Point                                                           Humboldt Harbor                                   Lightship Relief WLV 605
Lime Point                                                          Long Beach Harbor                                Los Angeles Harbor (Angel’s Gate)
Mile Rocks                                                         Oakland Harbor                                       Piedras Blancas
Pigeon Point                                                      Point Arena                                               Point Arguello
Point Blunt                                                         Point Bonita                                             Point Cabrillo
Point Conception                                              Point Diablo                                             Point Fermin
Point Hueneme                                                 Point Knox                                                Point Loma
Point Montara                                                   Point Pinos                                                Point Reyes
Point Sur                                                             Point Vicente                                            Punta Gorda
Saint George Reef                                             San Luis Obispo                                        Santa Barbara
Santa Cruz                                                          Santa Cruz Breakwater (Walton)           Southampton Shoal
Table Bluff                                                           Trinidad Head                                           Trinidad Head Memorial Yerba Buena

Lighthouse Newport 900 Light house by Shoreline 900 CAbrillo looking towards long beach 900 Point Vicente Lighthouse 900 Oceanside Lighthouse 900