Things to do in 2016

Sunset tons of clouds 800
3. Watch a Sunset

 A Sunset is the one thing in life that is absolutely free. You may have to pay for parking if you are at the beach or pay a little gas to get to the coast, mountains, or desert. But the show itself is free!!

Oceanisde pier 800
A pier always gives such a nice backdrop.

Fishing Sunset 800
I love silhouettes against the orange sunset sky

Every sunset photo I have taken brings back a memory or tells a story. I have frequently sat at the beach to see the sun take its last breath for the day with the orange, red, and yellow light-show continuing on for at least an half an hour or more.

Sunset lots of palm trees 800
Sunset pond near harbor
The sun is long gone in these two photos but the colors still hang on.

I can be many miles away from the coast and still enjoy the after show as colorful clouds shine brightly in the distance. The coast isn’t the only place to see a brilliant sunset; some of the best I have seen have been in the desert.

I have been lucky to have seen the illustrious green flash once in my life and later captured a tiny part of it on camera. One really gray night in Ventura I wasn’t going to take any photos but changed my mind. I was rewarded with a super cool sequence of odd shapes of the sun including a eerie looking mushroom cloud shape.

Green Flash larger 800
Mushroon sunset 800
Foggy Sunset G 800
A lone person appears from the fog during a Central California sunset.


Wherever you live, take the time to enjoy the gift that was given to us to enjoy for eternity.

Sunset Doheny


I know that wherever I am, and whatever I do, I will always try to watch a sunset at least once a week even if it is only a small glimpse in the distance.

NC Village two palms and moon 800
The orange against the twilight sky and the sliver of a moon in the distance is still a beautiful sight no matter where you are.

Every sunset tells a story, here are some more of mine:

Big Ship 800
Military ships pass by where I live all the time with Camp Pendleton nearby. This looked more like a cargo ship.

Camp P sunset with hut 800
Speaking of Camp Pendleton, on its Del Mar Beach, you can enjoy one while sitting in your own Palapa.

Dark sunset 800
Even on a ugly and gray evening, the sun still managed to poke out for brief 20 seconds before disappearing again.

Fire sunset 800
I never published this sunset until now. At the time, fires were raging in San Diego County, destroying many homes. The smoke from the fire made the sky look super red that night.

Malibu 800
Malibu Beach. The sad part is, after this was taken, I drove off and the sky actually got brighter and more colorful!!  This could have been a way better photo 10 minutes later.   I never leave now for at least 30 minutes.

Pier with big sun 800
With a 300 telephoto you can make the sun look really big. In this photo you can barely make out the sun behind the pier but I like that effect.

Pier with Kid 800
I wanted to take this photo with nobody in front of the pier but this kid kept running into my shot. Then I watched him for awhile and he was having so much fun running in an out of the water and laughing and giggling like he had never seen the ocean.

It was fun to watch and made this sunset memorable to me.

Harbor boats 800
A serene harbor is a great pace to watch the sun go down.

Sunsets surfers 800

When I surfed, I saw a sunset almost everyday.


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