Skydiving from Oceanside Airport

Tandem in air

We were driving by the Oceanside Airport when we saw a group gearing up to go skydiving on a clear Saturday afternoon. We decided to stop by and watch the brave souls as they prepared for their thrilling adventure which will take them far above the ground.   I saw Staycationer JoJo starting to sweat as she was recalling two years ago when she got gutsy enough to try skydiving in Jamul.   Even though she was happy to try it, I don’t think it is something she cares to do again.

However, it is still a popular adventure judging by the lines of people waiting for their turn at the Oceanside Airport.

GoJump Oceanside caters to the experienced skydiver as well as first timers. As I was watching people get ready, I didn’t see any nervous faces. I was surprised by that. I personally would have worn nervousness and pure fear all over my face.

After they had their gear prepared, the group all headed toward the plane and were crammed in like little happy sardines or scared sardines if it would have been me.

Gettin gear ready

Plane door

The plane took off and headed toward the Pacific Ocean. I am not sure but it appeared that they jumped out over the water and the wind took them back inland to the airport which is probably about 3 miles from the coast.

Plane 800

All landed smoothly and the next group prepared for the ride of their life.

In their brochure they claim to have the friendliest staff in the business. I can attest to this, from what I saw they were super friendly as they prepared and prepped their new passengers.

Skydiving isn’t my cup a tea but if I ever did want to try it, Oceanside Airport is where I would go.

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