Laser Tag

Laser Tag

Imagine being over fifty years of age and within a matter of seconds you are magically transformed into an energetic eight year old kid. That is exactly what happens when you play Laser Tag.

Laser Tag Galaxy is a new addition to the Westfield Plaza Mall located just off of the 78 Freeway in Carlsbad. Nestled right next to the new Regal Cinemas, the facility houses a dark room with walls, mazes, and hiding places for you to enjoy the experience.

Equipped with the laser gun, your goal is to shoot the other players in a timed eight-minute game. We played three individual games and one where we separated into teams.

After a brief instruction, you are let into the room and soon there is a countdown designating the beginning of the game.   That’s when the adrenaline kicks in and the eight year old emerges! Everyone starts running around like jack rabbits, although, if you were able to see it from above, it probably looks more like a battle in slow motion.

Each gun is equipped with a sensor that you actual shoot at, not the person. Your gun lights up red when you are shot and renders it inactive for five seconds. So it is best to move around when you are shot so you are not a sitting duck.

There were six of us and we were able to play with just our group for a few games.   One game they let a couple local marines play with us and it is no surprise when they announced that they had the best score.

You also find out a little about your friends in this game. One friend was a sneaky thing, always creeping up behind you and blasting you away. Another had a score that was double the rest of us, a good shot? Not sure but I was always running into her so it meant she was always on the move.   Staycationer JoJo who set up the event was a sitting duck as you could see her bright blond hair across the room even in the low light.

The lone male in the group was stealth and you barely saw him until it was too late.

I also kept getting shot but never saw who was getting me. I later found out the culprit. She kept shooting me and then quietly hiding after, I never saw her coming or going.   Unlike me who laughed every time I shot someone and cursed every time I was shot.   You could hear me across the room. Although I was breaking cursing rules with my version of “Dang it”, I couldn’t help it.

When you think of Laser Tag, you think of a kid’s game. Like it is something only kids do. I am here to tell you that adults will have fun too.

It will bring you back to your youth when you actually played tag in the street. Remember running around, laughing, giggling?   That is what you will do with the harmless gun in your hand and all your friends running around trying to get you or hide from you.

The eight minutes went fast but no worries, we played 3 more times!

I am sure there is a Laser Tag close in a mall or in an amusement park area near you so give it a try no matter what your age.

If you pass by a mirror while playing, you might see a younger version of yourself looking back at you smiling, laughing, and full of energy. However, it’s just you, the fun-loving adult enjoying a brief moment in time.

Also, don’t look too long in that mirror, there may one of your sneaky friends lurking around the corner ready to take you out!!

Google Laser Tag and find one near you if you can.   You won’t be disappointed.


Sorry no photos on this event.


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