The Things you see in California

This pictorial shows just some of the fun animals you can see on any given day by the coast in California.  If you don’t live by the coast, take a staycations and visit for the  weekend or week.

Just step outside and explore!!!

A Seal Bodysurfing:

Bodysurfing seal

A Whales Tail:

Whales tail

A Pelican Flying:

Pelican flying

A Pelican chilling on the Pier:

Pelican Oceanisde

A Baby Seal and Momma:

:Baby Seal Oceanside

A Seal Saying Hello:

Seal poking head out of water

An Otter:


A Pod of Dolphins Riding your Boat Wake:

Multiple dolphins

A Sea Gull Posing:

Morro--Sea Gull

An Orange Fish: (Garabaldi Perch)


A Dolphin Jumping:

Dolphin flying

An Elephant Seal with it’s Baby:


Canadian Geese:

Canadian Geese


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