California Clouds

Clouds harbor 2

Wonderful California Clouds

How many of you have laid back on a warm summer day and looked up at the clouds with awe and wonder and thought, “ What are they actually?”

Thankfully we have Google which says, “Clouds are made up of a large collection of very tiny droplets of water or ice crystals. The droplets are so small and light that they can float in the air.”

There is an activity called “Cloud Spotting” with organizations that have web sites dedicated to the act of viewing images in the clouds such as faces, animals, angels, etc.  Equipped with cameras, they set out to capture unusual images in clouds and, not surprisingly, there have been some wonderful results from all over the world.

I have often seen shapes that formed the likeness of animals, etc.   I even have a friend who claimed to have seen a famous president’s face formed in the clouds. Not sure if I am buying that one, but who knows.    If you use just use your imagination, clouds can be intriguing and maybe one day you will actually see a shape that reminds you of something.    You won’t know unless you try.

I see a dog in this one. See my illustrations below.

Clouds New years day
I didn’t see it at first but someone pointed out that it looked like a wave.

Clouds can add to your day with their mountainous images and beautiful peaks or they can ruin your day as they block out the sun.  A summer beach party isn’t quite the same without the warmth of the sun beating down on the shore, yet, a sweaty outdoor worker may welcome the shade generated from the clouds.

A snowboarder will howl with delight as the clouds dump the first snowfall of the year on his or her favorite run, then again, a rain cloud can bring misery to the bride and groom about to walk down the aisle at their outdoor wedding.

Clouds South Bay
The day after a rain in Southern California

To a photographer clouds can make or break a shot.  At sunset, interesting clouds can make a photo go from average to spectacular.

Clouds Oside Pier
Clouds Harbor

It is Mother Nature at its finest.

Clouds night
Clouds frame the moon at night.

Clouds may not be as colorful as other parts of nature and sometimes go unnoticed on an average day but they are an important part of our life.

Clouds Lake
Nothing like a cloud reflecting in the water.

Clouds O'side
Unusual shapes always make the clouds interesting.

Parting Shots:

Below are some images of clouds I found intriguing.  Although they weren’t perfectly sculptured,  my imagination saw a dogs head, a skeletons hand, a incense smoke ring, and a wave. See if you can see them too.

If not, I’ll leave these images in my head only from now on, I know imagination can be subjective, plus  I don’t want to sound as kooky as the person who saw the president’s face.

Regardless, let your imagination go and enjoy the clouds!!!!!

Just for fun I wanted to show you how I saw the cloud image next the actual image.
Dog Clouds
A howling dog

Wave sample
I was more interested in the palm trees but a friend saw the wave.

Skeleton Hands Sample
I know, very weird but I saw a skeletons hand in this one.

Burning incense ring
I know I am ready for the looney bin on this one and am pressing it to the limit. But here is a depiction of Moses and an incense smoke ring.


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