California Sea Glass


Sea Glass on rock

Sea Glass

After I visited Fort Bragg a few years back I became mesmerized by sea glass.   While visiting there, I was lucky enough to visit “Glass Beach” where 100 year old glass is strewn across the rocky beach in three different areas.  The sparkling, smooth, and colorful gems were an amazing foreground against the rugged coastline and the crystal blue water of the Pacific.

Sea Glass three

Because “Glass Beach” is in a state park, they are now more than ever trying to protect the glass from being taken off the beach as it is illegal to remove a natural or cultural object.

Even back then before they enforced it more, I was hesitant to take any glass away because I felt that it should stay there for future generations to enjoy.    Lucky for me glass was laying on the walking trails up on the cliffs.   Evidently people dropped it on the way to their cars so I was able to bring back a few pieces.  In retrospect, the cliff trails might have been part of the state park too but I won’t tell if you don’t.

Sea Glass Two
One hundred year old glass. Note how smooth most pieces are.

Sea Glass One
I like how you can see the glass in the water too. Here at this site, the glass was 3 inches deep. I hear at the inaccessible site that the glass is three feet deep.

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