Oceanside Harbor Days and the Nail and Sail Competition.

Just a reminder, the Oceanside Harbor Days is this weekend.
The event features fun activities including the Pirate Village, Entertainment Stage, Arts, Crafts and Food booth areas, Nail ‘n’ Sail Competition, Military, Public Safety displays, and more.
We will have a craft, photography, and art booth plus JoJo is competing in the Nail and Sail event where you build a boat for two hours and then paddle it across the bay. Her three victims…er…participants have constructed a practice boat and tested it last night in the Oceanside Harbor. It held together and will more than likely stay afloat during the competition. They just need to duplicate it in the allotted two hours using only hand tools. Come cheer them on, the name is “Sponge Bob Square Boat.”
Sunday  September 25th-10:30-2:00.   Booths, all day.
nail-and-sail-making-itnail-and-sail-5 nail-and-sail-in-harbor-practice-run-2
From building the frame, to taking it down to the boat ramp, to taking it for a spin in the water. Prototype finished, now time to make one in the competition with only hand tools.