Chasing the Moon

It was called the  ‘Super moon’ and on one autumn evening it was going to be seen large and bright while rising over the city in San Diego.  I had thoughts of the beautiful San Diego downtown skyscrapers providing the colorful foreground for this unusual occurrence.

Even though I was getting delayed at work, I made the last-minute decision to head down the road for the 40 minute drive to the amazing SD bay.

I got there just in time to set up my shot and had enough time to get the settings just right.  My tripod was at the ready while in the distance the high-rise buildings were gradually lighting up against the twilight sky.  I couldn’t wait to see this great shot.

However, being the amateur photographer as I am, I wasn’t quite sure on where the moon would rise.   I wasn’t alone though; many others were patiently waiting where I was standing.

I guy told us that it would rise at 5:30 so I was a little perplexed when at 5:45 there was still no moon.  I was about to give up when I heard someone yell, “Over here”.

It was not going to rise over the now illuminating city scape. it was over more by the hills above the airport.

With equipment in hand, all of us started running across the street and through a parking lot, then toward a marina. The lady ahead of me ran right into a chain that went across the parking lot and almost flipped herself over the barrier.   I looked like a football running back as I slid to the side  to avoid the same fate.

We couldn’t find an opening even though we saw the white illumination of the rising moon getting higher and higher. My shot was dying!!  Every time I tried to shoot; a sailboat mast was in the way. I was hurrying trying to get the settings of the camera. The moon was moving too quickly so I took a separate shot of the moon with detail and one where it was against the buildings but much brighter and no detail.
Cropped them together at the exact size the moon was in the buildings photo.

skyline-for-wp-1000 moon-over-city-gg-1000-for-wp

Such a fun night even though I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I need that app that tells us where all planets and stars are at any given time.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the shots, my sciatic nerve hurts today from my OJ move, but I’ll be o.k. until next time.

Story: Debbie Colwell

Photos: Debbie Colwell


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