San Diego Junior Theatre Presents” Little Shop of Horrors”


Staycationer JoJo takes over the writing for this evening at the Theater in Balboa Park

I have been to Balboa Park many times and have always wanted to go to an actual play at one of the theaters on the grounds.  The wonderful architecture on some of the buildings always makes me want to go inside and explore more.

We saw tickets for  “The Little Shop of Horrors”  and decided it was time to see a play at the park! .

We soon realized that the play was being performed by the San Diego Junior Theatre and although that fact didn’t deter me, it did make a few members of our group a little skeptical at first.

The size of the Casa del Prado Theater, was smaller than I expected but I liked it because it adds to the experience and makes for a more intimate setting while watching the production.  Don’t expect roomy movie style seating because these seats were tight!   They were obviously built in a time where people were thinner and they didn’t compensate for fuller bodies.   I have to say though, that it didn’t stop me from having a soda and Red Vine licorice at the snack bar.

We were all pleasantly surprised by the quality of the play and any hesitation we had on it being a Junior performance quickly disappeared as the band and performers were quite impressive.   We quickly forgot these actors were under the age of 18 as they sang and performed like veterans.   The songs and dialog were easily understood and the story portrayed like any other production that I have seen in the larger theaters and by seasoned professionals.

The sets transitions were smooth and you felt transformed into the scenes of skid row and the flower shop.

The tickets for the play are reasonably priced and ignore the size of the seats as the concession had a great selection of snacks and drinks at fair prices.    The parking was easy and plentiful even with us driving up just 20 minutes before show time. Finding it was easy in Balboa Park also.

It was an exceptional production with top notch performers and high quality sets. For a junior production, it was far beyond their years.   It was so good we are reserving a date for the upcoming “Wizard of Oz” and “Pippin.”

I am so glad we took the chance on one of this Junior Theatre Productions and we highly advise you to check one out to as they run through summer.  Plus it gives you a chance to see Balboa Park.

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Story:JoJo Schmidt

Little Shop of Horrors:

January 6–21, 2017

Casa del Prado Theatre

Directed by Desha Crownover
Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman
Music by Alan Menken
Orchestrations by Robert Merkin
Vocal Arrangements by Robert Billig
Based on the film by Roger Corman
Screenplay by Charles Griffith


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