Tijuana Estuary


Almost Shut Out
While at one of the premier bird watching areas in all of California,  I was laughing because after twenty minutes I hadn’t seen one bird, not one!    So I started taking other shots and was prepared to write a story about all the other attributes of the estuary when a bird finally appeared about 30 feet from me.

It was a Yellow Crowned Night Heron and it saved the day, I saw a bird! However, there were plenty more to see as we traveled more into the reserve.

We didn’t visit the Tijuana Estuary just to see birds.  I had seen the area from the distance while visiting Imperial Beach many times before,  so it seemed like an interesting place to explore on this breezy Sunday afternoon.

The reserve as far as you can see.

As mentioned, the Tijuana Estuary is one of the most foremost bird watching areas in California; however, even if you are not into birds, it has great trails, scenic views, plus all of the ambient sounds of nature.

The clatter of waves crashing on the sand could be heard in the distance at Imperial Beach,  and you could hear the subtle chirps from birds all around even if you couldn’t see them.

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