Cape Cod or California?

Cape Cod or California
O.k. they are not exactly sister areas but there are a lot of places in California that look like or try to look like Cape Cod.
I have never actually been there but I have always enjoyed the photos I have seen.

People from that area are always proud of their territory so I hope I don’t do them an injustice by Staycations Californias new quiz: Cape Cod or California?
I love California too but I have always been intrigued by Cape Cod. I have been places that I felt could easily be on the east coast and in that area.

So this photo challenge, asks the question, Cape Cod or California?

Pull out a piece of paper and see how many you can get right. Some photos I have used in posts so you might recognize them and all the photos of Cape Cod are courtesy of Google.

See how many you can get right. Answers at the end .


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