California Coastal Eddy Sunsets

California Summer Sunsets

At least in Southern California, the best sunsets are fall and in the winter. That is when you get interesting clouds or clear skies that can make for dramatic sunsets.

In the summer you have to contend with a coastal eddy that creeps in and out during the summer months. If you are lucky it passes by and lets you enjoy a warm sunny day at the beach.

However, in late afternoon hours, it eventually and slowly moves back inland looking like a huge cloud of ugly gray.

From Point Conception to San Diego marine layers are common. If windy, it can blow the eddy aside for a little while making for a nice sunny day at the beach. If you are really lucky it stays away all day.

However, when it comes back in, you see it coming and you know soon the sun will be hidden and the boring hues of gray will engulf the sky.

It doesn’t make for fun sunset photo taking either. Sometimes only a small sliver of orange sun can be seen between the clouds.

Despite the challenges of summer sunsets in Southern California, you can still manage to get something interesting.

Here are a few from this summer and last summer in California.