Newport Harbor Holiday Boat Parade

The small wooden boat was moored in a little inlet nestled next to the Iconic Pavilion and close to a fueling dock in Newport Harbor.  Other boats and dinghies also called this place home and were  peacefully floating in the water on this early Saturday morning.   A slight fog rolled gently across the bay and you could hear the fog horns in the distance.

Under the watchful eye of a small girl, a gray haired fisherman was pulling the bright yellow vessel to shore to attach the outboard motor and to fill it with all of his fishing gear.  The child was anxiously waiting for her turn to get lifted in the boat to begin a full day of trolling around the bay in search for the best fishing spot.  With an undersized spinning reel and rod in hand, she knew it wasn’t just about the fishing; for her, it was being with her Dad and spending the day in the harbor.

That little girl was me and so started my love for the wonderful world of the Newport Harbor. I love this place and even more so during the holidays.

Newport Harbor
Thanks for bearing with me on my trip down memory lane because I can’t help myself.  Every time I go to the holiday boat parade I think of the many times the little yellow craft motored around the bay in search of the catch of the day.

Exploring deeper in the harbor you will find channels, small canals, islands, and some of the nicest bay front homes in California.   During the holiday season, many of the homes deck out in holiday décor and tons of lights.   Along with the annual boat parade, some of the homes compete in the annual, “Ring of Lights” contest where awards are given in various categories.

Last year we rented a duffy to see the home fronts, this year we came to watch the parade.

The parade this year ran early from the 13th to the 17th.  So the next time you will see it is in 2018.  All I can say is put it on your calendar because it is a good one.

This is one of the most premier boat parades in California.

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