San Diego Botanical Gardens

I wish I would have visited the San Diego Botanical Gardens just two hours earlier. Maybe I wouldn’t have man-handled my succulent that I was replanting because of a broken pot. The poor thing is either going to flourish in its new home or die a slow death.     Coincidentally, two hours later while I am at the botanical gardens, a lady was speaking on how to plant and handle succulents.  She taught the crowd about things to do and things not to do.  My planting skills were on the not to do list.

The informative seminar is one of a few that they had in progress on this warm spring day in April.  Nearby, another woman spoke on the care of orchids which was perfect for my friend who had one sitting on her dining room table at home.   I am sure she listened carefully to the helpful tips as to keep the beautiful flower the vibrant purple that it was in its current state.

Art on a Sunday Afternoon
The “>San Diego Botanical Gardens has been a mainstay in Encinitas, California for many years.  Originally it was called Quail Botanical Gardens but changed its name in 2009 to gain more attention as a regional attraction.

We saw an advertisement for an “Art Fest” on social media that caught our eye and decided it was the time to give this place a visit.

So on a warm Sunday afternoon we decided to check out the San Diego Botanical Gardens and the “Art Fest”.   The festival was in full bloom with various booths featuring paintings, photography, sculptures, gourds, wood carving, and various other crafts, all from local artists.  It is always nice seeing what these creative people display and we were not disappointed.

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