Del Mar

Del Mar

We didn’t set out to go to Del Mar on this typical gray day in California but somehow we ended up driving through this southern coastal town located in San Diego County.

We had an activity planned but changed our mind, so we turned back towards Interstate 5 which was just a short mile away.

However, the freeway was going to have to wait as we came across a great little lookout featuring an expansive view of the San Dieguito Lagoon.  There was a long wooden pier like structure that allowed us to walk out and gaze over the waterways.   It was then and there that we decided to explore a little more around this area and the rest of Del Mar.

A few friendly locals were also enjoying the scene and let us know about all the different types of fish that wander through the canals.  They also rattled off the many species of birds that call this place home including an often returning Blue Heron.

Amazingly, we were told of an Osprey nest about a mile away , so finding it was now our immediate mission.  This is exactly why I like to talk to the people who live in the area because you find out about little tidbits like this.

So we set out in the general area and drove around until we saw the nest perched way up high on a super tall man-made pole.  I strained my telephoto as far as it could go and definitely saw the Ospreys, all three of them.

The male sat at the very top post protecting and surveying the scene below while the female tended to the nest or maybe newborns?  I moved a little closer to get a clearer shot even though I could tell the male was watching me closely  to make sure I didn’t disturb his home and family.   Pretty cool getting eye balled by an Osprey while I was about a quarter mile from the Interstate 5 and only a stones throw from  Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Where the Surf Meets the Turf
Speaking of the fairgrounds, this is Del Mars claim to fame.  These renowned grounds are the host to over 300 events every year.  This includes the big draw events like, the San Diego County Fair, Del Mar thoroughbred horse races, the Scream Zone at Halloween, and the Holiday of Light show at Christmas.  There are a multitude of shows for horses, home products, concerts, and much more.

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