Something to do in July? How about a Walk on a Pier?

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Santa Monica Pier

People, people, and more people.

A few weeks back I did a story on the Belmont Shore Veterans Memorial Pier.  In that story I mentioned that when walking on that pier, it was if I had gone back in time.   A large portion of that feeling was due to the design and how it reminded me of a pier I had seen in historical articles. The other reason was the lack of people on the pier.  With only a handful of residents or tourists leisurely strolling along the pier and local anglers scattered about, it seemed like a crowd from 1950 not 2014.

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Two weeks later it was feeling more like 2014 as we stepped on to the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles County, California. This time sharing it not with a handful of people, but with thousands!!    There were bumper to bumper people as far as you can see.

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So what attracts so many to the Santa Monica Pier and not the Belmont Pier?   The Belmont Pier has a snack bar, fishing, plenty of bathrooms and a great view, what more could you ask?   In comparison, the Santa Monica Pier also has those features but with a few minor additions……  A roller coaster, a Ferris wheel,  a carousel, a two story restaurant, a flying trapeze,  shops,  carnival games and rides,  vendors, music,  and much more.  It is an amusement park sitting on top of a pier.

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The Santa Monica pier is where you go to play, eat, drink, and have fun.   We went on the Saturday after Thanksgiving so I am sure it was more crowded than normal, although I can’t be sure of that.   Summer is probably overly crowded and we also overheard someone say it was busier at night.   Plan to to spend the day here as you would any amusement park or fair.

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