Moonstone Beach, Cambria

Moonstone Beach, Cambria

Moonstone Beach, is just north of Cambria on the Central California coast.

Running parallel to Highway 1, the appropriately named Moonstone Beach Drive runs right along the picturesque bluffs of Moonstone Beach.    Since this is a popular area, hotels line the street where most of them feature a sitting area right out front for guests to enjoy the spectacular view.

I know from experience that the hotels are way more costly in the summer months, as I tried to get a reservation during this time without much success.   They were booked pretty solidly through the warm months.

Across from the hotels you will find various entrances that lead down to the beach.  I say down, because you start on a bluff and descend from different spots.   Where we parked, it wasn’t that far to get to the sand,  while other areas had longer stairways.

Wooden planked trails travel the distance of the bluffs so you can still enjoy the beach without actually stepping on the sand.   This is what I liked about the central coast, they always provide plenty of walking trails to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The beach itself is full of drift wood and one of the reasons that makes it so spectacular.  From small pieces to large tree stumps, this beach had it all.   You don’t see a lot of drift wood in Southern California.

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