Humphreys Half Moon Inn.

Humphreys Half Moon Bay Inn
When arriving at Humphreys Half Moon Bay Inn located in San Diego, we were greeted at the desk with what are now my favorite 6 words in the English language…”We have given you an upgrade.”

What a beautiful upgrade it was as it turned out to be a one bedroom suite with a huge kitchen, dining room, and separate bedroom.   However, we did order a mini suite originally so it wasn’t as if they moved us up from a regular room all the way to a suite. Still, it was well appreciated. I don’t know why we were given an upgrade but I shut my mouth and gladly took the key!

When arriving at the room, the first thing I noticed when entering the door was an immediate view of the bay.  There were Rows of boats and sailboats against a pretty blue sky with the spectacular homes of Point Loma in the distance.

I investigated every nook and cranny in the place and there was so much room, I felt like calling up every friend I know to come over!!

However, this was to be a mellow weekend starting with a smooth jazz concert by saxophonist Kenny G.

After the inspection of the room, a walk around the grounds was now in order.  In front of every bay front room there was a grassy area  with benches and seating areas every thirty feet or so.

We found a spot as close to the stage as we could get and sat back and listened to Kenny G while he was practicing only about 45 minutes until the concert.    It was one of those moments where every sense was awakened starting with the sound of a silky saxophone filling my ears while a soft breeze wisped across my face.   Visually, the increasing pastel tones sparkled across the marina as the sun was slowly making its way below the hills of Point Loma.

Humphreys Concert Venue
Humphreys Half Moon Bay Inn is home to the Humphreys series of concerts.  Big name bands, groups, musicians as well as comedians have adorned this outdoor venue.

It is my favorite place for a concert as it is not too big and every seat in the house has a great view of the stage.  The bay is on one side and usually the sun sets during the concert and this night was no exception.

Orange splashed water reflecting from the sunset was a beautiful backdrop that was hard to ignore even when the band came on to play.  Boats bobbed pleasantly up and down while a group of people sitting on kayaks, rubber tenders, and other boats anchored up to view the concert for free.

Kenny G started his concert walking up the aisles and so began two hours of wonderful music from this accomplished musician and his band. The night was warm, the sky was vibrant, and the acoustics for the music was flawless.    As, I mentioned, this is a perfect place for a concert.

The Hotel
Humphreys Half Moon Bay Inn is located on Shelter Island in the San Diego Bay.   The 182 room hotel is surrounded by lush tropical grounds and Tiki looking buildings.   Near the concert venue sits a massive pool surrounded by palm trees and nearby, the requisite Jacuzzi.

Also on the grounds are a restaurant and a night club that also features top live talent for you to enjoy.

You can rent bikes to stroll the scenic route which circles around the main San Diego Bay just across the street from the hotel.

We took advantage of our free bike rental and made our way to explore the area.  Nearby is a small pier that has a quaint little restaurant with tables and chairs on an outside patio. It is a great place to enjoy a meal or to just sit back and have a beer.   We came back later to fish and it was bumper to bumper people with no room to even throw out our line. We still managed to squeeze in and catch a few.

There is a small beach down the way and a boat ramp that acts as the starting and ending point for the amphibious truck/boat called the Seal.  The bay provides plenty of entertainment while you watch every size boat cruise by and on this day, included a massive naval ship heading for North Island.

After fishing, we headed back for a swim in the perfect temperature water of the pool and a quick dip in the Jacuzzi.

Humphreys Half Moon Bay Inn is a great hotel for visitors or even staycationers that live just up the road like I do.

It reminds me of a hotel you would find in Hawaii and I think that is exactly the look they were going for.

I love this place and I recommend it if visiting the area, or if you just want to get away for the weekend.

Story and photos: Debbie Colwell


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