The Muddy Dash

The Muddy Dash crew that staycationer JoJo set up were all smiles at the beginning of the race/dash.   I was thinking to myself that they are happy and all smiles now, let’s see how they look at the end.  After all, it was an extremely warm February day, and they were setting out to run/walk in the Bates Nut Farm Muddy Dash. 

I was surprised and impressed that they came down their last hill of the day brimming with energy, plus the smiles were still there!

Muddy yes, but full of life and ready to finish the last few obstacles.

Reedy to go, full of energy
Still smiling but a little muddy

The Muddy Dash is an event that takes place at various venues across the country. It features obstacles such as rock-climbing walls, rope swings, other walls, and of course…mud. It finishes with an overgrown bubble shower where the kid comes out in everyone.

One of he obstacles
Three different techniques of exiting this obstacle

The three-mile course was situated next to Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center near Escondido. Every age imaginable participated while the course challenged you to jump, roll, climb, and navigate in or around the star of the show, once again…mud.

Judy’s Style
JoJo’s style

With temperatures in the high eighties, they started the race having to waddle through knee high muddy water for about twenty feet.  So was the beginning of a day of unusual obstacles and countryside racing.  Well, racing isn’t exactly what our group did, they were there strictly for the fun and fun they had. After all, who lays on their back doing mud angels, while others are running the course?

Mud at the beginning
Mud at the end. Note Judy grabbing a pile of mud to pelt some unsuspecting victim

The team of three ladies, Robin, JoJo, and Judy embraced the course with gusto, even after starting with a long hill. I heard of only one incident of cheating as on the twenty-pound bag carry, a certain pink shirt wearing, blond-haired lady, picked up an empty bag. The other two just shook their heads, I mean what could they say, the bag was just sitting there.

We caught up with them at the end where only Judy attempted the rock-climbing wall. She expertly climbed over and joined the others as they headed to the rope swing. Handling the rope, technique was everything, as was evidenced by a certain someone’s near face plant into the mud. Let’s just say she had a pink shirt on.  Robin on the other hand, flew across like she grew up in the jungle with Tarzan.

Judy rock climbing
Robin showing how it’s done


She was headed for a face or butt plant

The best part was the end where thousands of bubbles were jettisoned out of a few large apparatuses forming thick clouds.

It looked like an overgrown bubble bath where everyone, no matter what age, played like kids.

Our group of three were the worst. They had bubbles all over their faces, giving each other mustaches, hats, and a beard or two.

Through the foam wall, I think I saw Santa Clause, Mickey Mouse, Hulk Hogan, and an impressive handle-bar mustache or two.

Nobody wanted to leave.  

To tell you the truth, all I saw was smiles…by everyone.

It is a fun experience, and something needed in these trying times of 2022.

If this event comes your way, I suggest you try it. It costs a nominal amount which includes an event t-shirt.

However, t-shirts fade and wear out.   The memories and laughs of this muddy extravaganza last forever, and you can’t put a value on that.

Check out Muddy Dash

Story and photos: Debbie Colwell


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