Take a Flying Lesson

A great one day excursion and you might be able to find some discounted prices on Groupon like we did.


It is a wonderful experience as you get to sit in the pilot seat and taxi and then actually fly the airplane. He shows you the controls (not a lot to learn) and then it is off to the runway to take off.   With his watchful eye, you get to feel the exhilaration of  take-off as well as landing.

The hour long flight takes you over San Diego county either inland or along the coast. We choose the inland route  this day as  a  thick  coastal marine layer was floating over the coast leaving zero visibility.

Flying high over the country side at the wheel of a four seater airplane has to be experienced.

We had a fun landing with a unexpected bump that came at the end forcing the plane up in the air a little. I looked at the pilot and asked if that was normal and he said, ” not really.”

Always an experience with us.

See my landing video below with the quick bump at the very end.

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