Naples Canals and Alamitos Bay California

A little known area in the Long Beach area is the Alamitos Bay and Naples Canals. The first photos below are of Alamitos Bay with its wider channels and it’s entrance to the open sea. In the horizon you can see Catalina. This day happened to be a very warm day in December with one of the better sunsets of the year.

Naples 16Naples 17

Nestled a couple miles from Long Beach, the Naples canals are unlike the Venice canals because they are wider and deeper. More small to medium boats can travel in the canals.

Built on three islands located in Alamitos Bay, most of the streets on the island have Italian names. The center of Naples features a large fountain which serves as a popular meeting spot.

During the holidays the houses on the canals are lit up which reflects on the water and makes the area even more beautiful. I went on December 1st, so not all the houses were decorated yet but plenty had a vast array of decorations and lights.

Naples 24Naples 18

Naples 19Naples 20

Each canal has a sidewalk so you can leisurely stroll and view the beautiful homes. Dogs are allowed on the walkway.

Naples 5Naples 6Naples 8

Another way to view the canals is by a romantic or family Gondola ride. Check this link: This is one of only a few places in California where you can take a gondola ride through canals.

Naples 24Naples 21Naples 22Naples 23

I didn’t see one ‘For Sale’ sign and I can see why. You wouldn’t want to leave there. So peaceful and serene. I felt like telling everyone that was sitting on their porch how jealous I was but I held back.

In the channels of Alamitos Bay there where Christmas Tree barges set up about every 50 feet. Made the bay look magical.

Naples 13

Naples 11Naples 12

The buildings of Long Beach you will see below in the photos is just a few miles away but this area has a whole different atmoshere. I loved it there.

Naples 9

Here is a link for things to do in that area including Long Beach:

In the Southern California area, a fun one day excursion.

More Alamitos Bay:

Naples 1Naples 2

Naples 3Naples 4

Naples 14Naples 15


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