Marina Del Rey

Marina del Rey is a seaside community in Los Angeles County, California with a pretty sizable harbor and a capacity for about 5,000 boats. It features a Fisherman’s Village with shops and restaurants. When I went in November, it was pretty dead. But that made it even more quaint. However, there were plenty of people enjoying the restuarants and music playing in the lighthouse plaza. They had a funk band playing and the ocean front cafe was crowded.

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With the bright buldings, cobblestone paths, and the lighthouse, I felt like I was taking a trip to New England.

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There are several companies to rent boats — both sail and motor, kayaks, wind-surfboards, etc. See this link for more information:
Seems like a really fun place to come in the summer and play on the harbor.

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Fishing trips are also available at :

It was really nice to stroll the village and enjoy the marina view and as I mentioned, this day was not crowed but I think in the summer it can get packed.

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There are a few hotels along the harbor that can fit any budget, with The Ritz-Carlton being the swankiest. But it IS nice. Might be a spurge some weekend especially when Venice Beach and Venice Canals are only a few miles away.

We drove all around the harbor and viewed Fishermans village from across the bay.

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I found it interesting that all around the harbor there are apartments or condos and plenty of them. No homes that I saw. This is in contrast to  someplace like Newport Harbor where all are pretty much homes.

FB M 5

There are also plenty of strolling places on each side of the harbor and you can take your dogs too.

FB M 7

All in all a great place to go for the day to take you away for a little while. Visit this web site for more information.


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