Surfing in California

With the Pacific Ocean lining all of the west coast, it is no wonder that surfing, bodyboarding, and bodysurfing are a few of the premier sports in the state.  Surf Town USA otherwise known as Huntington Beach hosts the US Open of Surfing every year and Oceanside in August 2014 held the World Championship of Bodysurfing.  Bodyboarding events are also held up and down the coast on any given weekend with their state championship usually held in Southern California.

Pro riders can be seen up and down the coast and the advanced bodyboarders flock to the Wedge in Newport Beach when the waves get huge.

The pros make it look easy but each sport has their beginners.

Surf schools and surf lessons can be found up and down the coast for surfing and bodyboarding.

So if you are in California and want to learn to surf or try it for a day, here is a web site that gives you a list of some of the schools and lessons in California.

California is home to some great surfing and bodyboarding waves

Pier with surfers 1200

A surfer and bodyboarder seeking waves at sunset.

.Surfing sunset

Photos: Debbie Colwell


The Wyndham Oceanside, California.

Pier lit up fro WP

The Wyndham Resort in Oceanside, California.

At Staycations California we plan on visiting all areas of this state and to participate in a lot of the activities California presents to us.   However, this past weekend we took a true staycation and stayed at the Wyndham in Oceanside.

All I can say is this is a great resort.  You can view the rooms and the facilities at this link.

All our photos and videos are of the view from our room on the 6th floor or from the sky lounge on the 7th floor.  We couldn’t get enough of the view. The double size sky lounge on the 7th floor is for any guest to use and offers spectacular views of the coast.  Inside the room sits a table with chairs, a couch, and a flat screen to watch TV or movies.  The real star is the outdoor patio where you get a grand view of the pacific for as far as you can see.   There are two towers at the Wyndham so your view depends on what tower you are in.  Either tower you will get a bird’s eye view of the pier and the harbor in the distance. On this night we could see as far as Catalina Island.

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Central California with a touch of Northern thrown in.

Monterey Kayakers
Central California with a touch of Northern thrown in.

Stepping out of our familiar Southern California we take you to central California to the spectacular Monterey Peninsula and Capitola Beach.

I couldn’t find an acceptable answer to decide where the line is drawn to divide Central versus Northern California but it is widely accepted that Santa Barbara starts central and north starts around Monterey so let’s go with that. Whatever the case may be, we were somewhere between central and northern California.

We started off on a very hazy morning to visit Monterey and take the picturesque 17 mile drive  south along the coast.  It was disappointing with the  sun blocked by the gray and  hurting optimum photo opportunities. However, we made the best of it as we drove along this scenic route.

Monterey was surprisingly crowded and the traffic was excruciatingly slow while driving toward the wharf.   It was a shame because we were hoping to get away from the hustle and bustle of Southern California’s gridlock. However, you can’t beat the amazing scenery which is well worth it while waiting in traffic.

First stop was the Wharf, a pier like structure that overlooked the beach on one side and the moored boats on the other. On the plus side, we found a parking spot which is always a great start. The boats that dotting the water made for a very serene atmosphere and the beach spanned as far as you can see.

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