Surfing in California

With the Pacific Ocean lining all of the west coast, it is no wonder that surfing, bodyboarding, and bodysurfing are a few of the premier sports in the state.  Surf Town USA otherwise known as Huntington Beach hosts the US Open of Surfing every year and Oceanside in August 2014 held the World Championship of Bodysurfing.  Bodyboarding events are also held up and down the coast on any given weekend with their state championship usually held in Southern California.

Pro riders can be seen up and down the coast and the advanced bodyboarders flock to the Wedge in Newport Beach when the waves get huge.

The pros make it look easy but each sport has their beginners.

Surf schools and surf lessons can be found up and down the coast for surfing and bodyboarding.

So if you are in California and want to learn to surf or try it for a day, here is a web site that gives you a list of some of the schools and lessons in California.

California is home to some great surfing and bodyboarding waves

Pier with surfers 1200

A surfer and bodyboarder seeking waves at sunset.

.Surfing sunset

Photos: Debbie Colwell


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