It’s still summer, really.

The weather in the last few weeks of August and into September 2014 have proven that summer is not over in California. Even though some schools are back in session, the warm weather blissfully continues on. Some folks don’t think this warm weather is so blissful and are looking forward to the cooler temperatures of Fall. However, I am still enjoying the summer that is not officially over until September 22nd.

Also in this time period , California was slammed with some of the largest waves to hit our coast in a long time. A couple of hurricanes off of the coast of Mexico generated dangerous currents and rip tides as well as the oversized waves.
A sailboat is oblivious to the large waves on the beach.

Sailboat waves in forground

The weekend after Labor Day brought tons of people to the beach to witness those large waves courtesy of Hurricane Norbert. At high tide around 8:00 pm the crowds were even thicker with hopes to view the waves crashing over the rocks and onto the street in Oceanside. They were not disappointed.

A few seconds after these photos were taken, the waves crashed and knocked most down.

Rock formation 1
Work formation 2

Normally in Oceanside you can drive on that road and casually cruise the Strand while feeling the ocean breeze through your open windows. Not this night, if you were brave enough for the drive, Norbert treated you to a salt water car wash and a thrill of a life time.


Tourists and residents alike were surprised when they posed for photos along the rocks only to be engulfed by a wall of water  drenching them all.  We didn’t laugh…..much.

MJ Splash

I am sure all beach towns in California were treated to the awesome sight of Mother Nature’s fury.

Anyway, weeks like this make you grateful to live in California. The water temperature was awesome and extremely refreshing. On one day there were parts of the ocean that looked like something out of Hawaii where certain patches had a beautiful turquoise hue.

Pier with blue water

However, with the waves so large and the current so strong we got banged up even in the shallow white water. The strong waves produced white water that came on like freight trains and flattened us like rag dolls.

There were a few times where we actually had to rescue a few people that got caught on rocks or hit by the powerful current of the Pacific. Unfortunately our crew got banged up in the process. Last count, two bad knees, one needing an operation, broken toe , banged up legs, lost Oakleys, hats, etc. We paid the price but wouldn’t have it any other way. Shoot out to Barbara Moreno for her heroics and fast thinking that saved a few people some injuries.

As this is written I am hoping for the summer weather to last so I can enjoy the Pacific just a little more. For those of you wanting Fall to begin, you are just going to have to wait, at least a few more weeks , please.

Lifeguard tower with moon 2

All photos: Debbie Colwell


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