Sea World

Sea World

The last two staycations have been at lakes and far off the beaten path. This time we take you back to the coast to a popular destination, Sea World.

I hadn’t been to Sea World for years so I didn’t know of any of the new rides they had in the park.  There are two water rides and a super fast roller coaster as well as the World Arctic Ride in a flight simulator.

One of the water rides

The popular sky ride has a view of the whole park and bay.

Because it wasn’t a hot day, we choose to bypass the water rides.   Instead, some of us rode the Manta roller coaster and the flight simulator. The roller coaster was a fast spit ball of a ride that had the occupants twisting and turning around corners at various angles.  There wasn’t that initial high drop but it made up for it in the speed!

The Manta Roller Coaster

Different reactions

The Arctic Flight simulator was held in a room of about 50 people and gave the illusion that you were in a helicopter in the Arctic.   Of course they had to add in a fierce arctic storm which swept through and tossed the imaginary helicopter up and down and side to side! It is amazing how you can really feel like you are actually there.

Fun rides but neither are for the faint at heart.

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