Let it Snow Holiday Concert at the Marriott

Let it Snow Holiday Concert at the Marriott

If you follow Staycationscalifornia, you know by now that staff member JoJo is always looking for things to do and unusually activities.  Not that this is unusual or crazy, but she wanted to go to a holiday concert, one that played all the seasons tunes.

She found one at the La Jolla Marriot featuring a saxophonist who would be playing all of the hits of the holiday season.   That is all I was told when I agreed to go.

The concert was held in one of the Marriott’s conference rooms and I was happy to see that any seat was going to be a good one; I love intimate concerts like this.

Good start so far although I was wondering how it was going to be, hearing only Christmas music for over an hour with just the saxophone, even though it’s one of my favorite instruments.

On the stage were keyboards so I knew that it wasn’t going to be just the saxophone.

We took our seat and, soon after, the keyboardist came on stage and started playing.  Now we were waiting for the saxophonist to appear.   All of a sudden you heard this amazing sound come through the speakers; it was the sweet sound of a soprano saxophone.The artist was walking from the back of the room while playing right in front of you as he made his way on stage.  The saxophone was less than a foot from my ears at times.

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