Birding, California.

Birds are Cool
I heard a noise outside my window the other day that sounded like a puppy crying, so I ran to check on my dog to see if he was okay.  I found him sprawled out on the couch sound asleep and happy as can be.  Puzzled, I then went outside to investigate and soon heard the same noise except this time it was even louder. Since I live by a lot of coyotes I thought maybe a new pup was in distress.  As I stood there listening, I realized the noise was not coming from ground level, it was coming from above.  There, high in the tree was a bird with his mouth wide open making that painful sound.    It wasn’t like the melancholy wail of a Mourning Dove, it actually sounded like a puppy weeping.

The crying bird, wailing away.

I pulled out my camera and proceeded to take shots of this interesting bird and it made me think, “birds are cool!”

I remembered when I went to the Living Discovery Center with all of its rescued animals and I found that the birds intrigued me the most.   At this center, they had many different types of birds including the majestic eagle, scary looking vultures, owls, falcons, and dozens more.

Blind in one eye

You will see Eagles, Owls, and Falcons at the center.
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