Diamond Valley Lake

Diamond Valley Lake

I’m not sure whether to categorize this trip as a Sunday Drive or Off the Beaten Path because it was actually both.

It WAS a Sunday drive and it WAS off the beaten path so I guess I will call this one “A Sunday Drive off the Beaten Path.”

We heard about this lake when our staff activity arranger JoJo, fished there as part of a special nighttime fishing derby. At night you couldn’t see how big this lake really was so it was time for a day trip!

Far off of the beaten path and by that I mean the 215 Freeway, the drive takes you quite a few miles until you finally reach the entrance to the lake near the city of Hemet.

The lake is actually a reservoir and no swimming is allowed. I used to think they didn’t want our yucky bodies in the water, but in fact reservoirs have various safety reasons not to allow swimming.

However, to cool you off, The Diamond Valley Aquatic Center sits right below the hill that takes you up to the lake and is equipped with a water slide, water fountain sprayers, and plenty to do for the whole family to cool off on those warm valley days.

Nearby, the Western Science Center was built and features exhibits or artifacts found during the construction of the lake.

Diamond Valley Lake (also known as The Diamond), is one of the largest man-made reservoirs in Southern California. It has a capacity of 800,000 acre feet, 260 ft deep, and with over 4,500 surface acres. It holds enough water to meet the area’s emergency drought needs for at least six months. The lake features three earth filled dams located on either side of the valley and one on the north side.

A Big Lake with a Big View
On this bright and sunny Sunday, the air temperature was a perfect 82 degrees with mild winds skimming across the water surface.

So what is this lake/reservoir all about, what is there to do? That is exactly what we wanted to find out.

We drove up to a sizable parking lot and then headed to the only building in sight which turned out to be home to a store and where you can sign in to rent boats.

We didn’t expect that they would have anything to rent but they did in fact have two pontoon boats available. This was too much boat for the two of us so we decided to just walk around and view the lake.

The rental prices aren’t bad and you can check out a few different fishing boats or the eight passenger pontoons. I suggest getting reservations, though, as they are scooped up pretty fast.

Parking for the day is $9.00 and a fishing access permit is $6.00.

There is Nothing like a Lake

The actual lake/reservoir took me aback as I was surprised on how large it was! It spanned as far as you could see and had a beautiful blue tint. Continue reading “Diamond Valley Lake”